Blair DeMinico, Esq. “Managing Attorney”


Where are you originally from?

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to Tampa, Florida when I was a small child. I attended school in Tampa until my family moved to Boca Raton, where I finished High School at Spanish River Sr. High.

What is your position in LCLAS?

I am a Staff Attorney at Lee County Legal Aid. My job involves assisting people who cannot afford legal representation. Every person I meet with at our office, I either represent them in their court cases, guide them on their legal rights and/or refer them to a proper Legal Aid Agency. My job is to give clients the best representation.

Where were you practicing before coming to LCLAS?

I was previously employed by the Office of the Public Defender in Lee and Orange Counties.


I went to college at the University of Miami, where I studied Motion Picture Business and Art/Art History. I attended Law School at Cumberland School of Law in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama. After gaining transactional legal experience, I realized that I wanted to switch gears and sharpen my skills as a trial attorney. I spent seven years as a Public Defender in both the 9th and 20th Judicial Circuits. I represented hundreds of indigent clients in court for offenses ranging from misdemeanors to punishable by life felonies.