Sex Trafficking Victims

How Legal Aid Can Help

Lee County Sex Trafficking Victims: How Lee County Legal Aid Can Help

Human trafficking is a $32-billion-a-year global sex, labor, debt bondage, and domestic servitude trade—and it is happening right in our back yard.

Women from all over the world are becoming modern day slaves starting at ages as young as 12 and many of its victims are children placed in our very own foster care systems.

In 2015, The Florida Bar Legal Needs of Children Committee celebrated an all new law that will provide mandatory legal representation in Chapter 39 dependency proceedings for five categories of children: those with developmental disabilities, living in nursing homes, headed for residential treatment centers, prescribed psychotropic medications, and victims of trafficking. The committee also a checklist to identify the common legal, medical, and social issues faced by human trafficking survivors. This checklist is available here.

At Lee County Legal Aid Society, we have seen firsthand the emotional damage that sex trafficking can do to members of our community. The opportunity to assist women, or anyone who is a sex trafficking survivor, is a challenge our team is eager to assist with.

If you believe you are a victim of sex trafficking, or are sex trafficking survivor in need, please please call us at 239-334-6118.