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Help Us Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Your contribution makes a difference in the lives of the people of Lee County and ensures equal justice for all, regardless of economic status. By making a donation, you help us help those who have nowhere else to go. For many, Lee County Legal Aid Society is the only place to turn for assistance during hard times.

Be present. Be active. Be a force of change in Lee County.

Make a Donation

The dedicated staff at LCLAS provides the disenfranchised with legal services they could not otherwise afford. Supporting our efforts means you have directly provided safety, stability and peace of mind to those in need in Lee County. You can donate to Lee County Legal Aid Society’s general fund or, you can make a donation to a singular project to help LCLAS with a specific need.

If you would like to make donation, call 239-334-6118 or address a check to:

Lee County Legal Aid Society, Inc., Post Office Box 9205, Fort Myers, Florida 33902

If you have any questions regarding you donation call or email at