Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Lee County Legal Aid Society provides a means to effect change across the entire Southwest Florida community. Partnering strategically with a variety of community organizations, such as the United Way, ACT Abuse Counseling Treatment ACT: Abuse Counseling & Treatment, Inc., the Florida Bar Foundation and other similar groups will allow LCLAS to truly impact the lives of the disenfranchised across Lee County.

Raising awareness throughout the Southwest Florida community will bring the LCLAS mission to life. We can impact the lives of in-need individuals by working to close the generational poverty gap, by promoting financial stability so that clients can go on to achieve higher education and health care. Improved income, quality of health and educational achievement are all intertwined, and with financial health. LCLAS can help clients to obtain a greater quality of life and greater access to basic services. LCLAS is able to foster this financial improvement by way of obtaining orders for child support or alimony.

We also bring change to the community by dissolving superficial stereotypes associated with the legal community. Historically, the legal community has been behind the actions, movements, and events that have changed the world. Civil rights, the abolishment of slavery, women’s suffrage and more have all come to fruition because of law-based decisions. As a legal society, LCLAS will continue to contribute and push for change to positively affect members of our community that are disenfranchised and in need.

We are about equal access to the judicial system. Ability of the citizens to have access to the courts to preserve their rights and delineate their obligations and responsibilities, historically the judicial system as a whole has been a major participant if not the foundation for civil changes within our community, state and nation.

Mission Statement: LCLAS is not merely a legal aid society. LCLAS is a community-based agency who act as legal representatives, counselors, community supporters and educational providers. Financial stability is the key to fostering hope and the foundation of building a better Community.